body treatments

Every Dermalogica Thermal Body Therapy Treatment is customized to your skin condition through benefits of heat, touch and sensory experience to give you a result orientated treatment.

Chocolate Treatment - Priadara ChocoBeauty

The ChocoBeauty is a truly indulgent and relaxing treatment. Following a Swedish Massage with special Swiss chocolate blend, a thick layer of warm Swiss Chocolate is applied, you are then cocooned for 20 minutes in a film and towel wrap and left to relax in the luxurious fragrance of rich Swiss chocolate.

The wrap is then removed and the chocolate is peeled away leaving your skin smooth, with a hint of chocolate. Unfortunately the chocolate is not edible! The wonderfully indulgent fragrant chocolate releases endorphins in the brain which triggers the body's natural feel good chemicals.

  • Back, Neck and Shoulder...Time: 60 mins | Charge: £55

Exfoliating Body

Treatment Using either our mineral salt scrub or gentle rice bran and oatmeal powder your skin will be polished to a smooth finish. Dead skin cells are removed, your skin will look brighter and hydrated.

  • Time: 45 mins | Charge: £35

Wrap Therapy

Using either our Power Recovery or Sea Mud Therapy, circulation is stimulated to promote healthier skin. Customised essential oils provide aromatherapeutic and skin benefits with antioxidants. This treatment is ideal after an exfoliating body treatment on its own.

  • Time: 45 mins | Charge: £42

Thermal Stamp

Inspired by Thai Therapy. This treatment uses a fabric stamp filled with skin benefiting ingredients and the power of heat to detoxify, de-stress, exfoliate and relax. The deep manipulations along the pressure points and meridians of the body relieve aching muscles and help re-balance the body.

  • Time: 60 mins | Charge: £54

Collagen Red Light Therapy

The red collagen light does not contain any UV or Infrared radiation. A new and upcoming treatment which stimulates the collagen production, therefore slowing down the ageing of the skin, making the skin more firm and elastic.

Reduction of fine lines and wrinkles especially in the facial area. More consistent skin colouration and complexion. Improves moisture retention and circulation. Smoothes and reduces the appearance of cellulite and reduces inflammation in skin conditions such as acne. The overall effect will make your skin look plumper and more youthful without using expensive creams, gels or injections. No negative side effects or harm.

  • Collagen Red Light Therapy...Time: 15 mins | Charge: £12
  • Red Light Therapy Course...Time: 120 mins | Charge: £85 Recommended initially, 2/3 treatments per week.